All participants must purchase travel insurance that is valid for this type of adventure trip and send us a copy of your insurance details prior to your arrival. Most regular health policies do NOT cover international travel nor an emergency air evacuation to the United States/Canada, but the travel policies do and are very affordable. We have included the insurance we think is the best in terms of coverage and affordability for this type of adventure holiday from Travel Nomads. Please use the link of our website so as to ensure you access the correct policy. The link to Travel Nomads is in the panel to the right of this page.( it links to their website).


All of the hotels will be serviced by our luggage trucks to provide pick-up and drop-off service during the tour. If you choose other accommodations, you must make arrangements to drop your luggage at the host hotel at the start of each day to ensure its arrival in the next town.

We will store all bicycle cases at our offices in Montego Bay,after your arrival and it will be returned to you at the end of the ride at our host hotel in Montego Bay.


Our luggage truck will carry two pieces of luggage per registered cyclist during the ride. Please try to travel light. You really won't have time or need for many clothes! In ROOMS resorts you are responsible to get your bags to your room you want to avoid it being very heavy!   Everywhere is casual for this tour. Cyclists must label their luggage. Cyclists will drop off their luggage in a designated location in their hotel at the start of each day . Luggage will only be collected from our selection of host hotels

Luggage will be delivered to the next hotel well before cyclists arrive in the destination city. You will not be able to access luggage while riding, so please plan accordingly. At the conclusion of the tour, all luggage items will be deposited at the final host hotel.

The Jamaica Reggae Ride does not handle bike shipping. This is a process that needs to be completed in its entirety by the participant through their airline.




A very bike- friendly airline. Fit your bike into a lightweight bike bag and you can check it in. Check online for their bike size restrictions and try to have a bike box or bike bag that fits those dimenstions.Great services. Direct flight to Montego Bay. Book early to get the really good fares as the later you book the higher the airfare will be.

Here is their  policy at the time of printing ( Please check yourself before booking): Sporting equipment and musical instruments within the maximum linear dimensions are allowed at no extra costs, once part of your free checked baggage allowance with the exception of Surfboards.Cycling equipment accepted consists of one (1) single seater, non-motorised; touring or racing bicycle. The cycle must be placed in a cardboard container, pedals and handlebars should be encased in plastic foam or handlebars are fixed sideways and pedals removed. In the interest of safety, tyres should be deflated.


The maximum weight allowed per items is 23kgs (50lbs) and maximum dimensions (H+W+L) is 157cms (62 ins). Oversized sporting equipment and musical instruments will be permitted as excess baggage on a standby basis, at the applicable excess baggage charge.



Another VERY bike-friendly airline! We love JETBLUE! Keep your bike in the right dimensions and you can use it as your allowed piece without an extra charge! Here are their guidelines ( at the time of making this website) Kindly recheck before booking, as airlines can change their policies at any time!!

What is accepted:
Bicycles will be accepted in a hard-sided, padded case designed for bicycles. If not in a hard-sided case, bikes will be accepted with the handle bars secured sideways and pedals removed. The bicycle must also be encased in plastic foam, a cardboard box, or similar material to prevent damage.

Domestic and International Flights:
Bicycles will be accepted on domestic and international flights for a fee of $50 per bike each way and will count as one of your checked bags. Excess baggage fees may apply.

Please note: overweight baggage fees will not be assessed for bicycles. However, the maximum allotment of 99 pounds per bag still applies. Bicycle cases should contain bicycles only; cases containing additional items may be subject to excess baggage fees.

Also note: if bicycle and container are less than 62 dimensional inches and under 50 pounds, the bike fee will not be assessed.

Bicycles are accepted to all destinations EXCEPT to/from the Dominican Republic.

WESTJET - Canada

$20 ( sporting equipment ) as a 2nd piece of luggage each way.

  • Each guest is permitted to bring one bicycle, but all applicable additional and excess fees will be charged per bike per direction.
  • You must provide a box or bike bag and pack the bicycle by turning the handlebars, partially deflating the tires and removing the pedals.
  • Any bicycle containing hydraulic fluid or mineral must be packed to prevent leakage.

All sporting equipment is accepted with a signed Limited Release form, releasing Air Transat from any claim in regards to damage. It is important that passengers make sure items are covered by their personal insurance. Bicycle / Tandem : $30 CA (local currency equivalent) per flight segment.Any regular size and any regular weight.In preparation for travel, the handlebars must be turned sideways, the tires deflated and you must remove the pedals. Put in a solid bag or box.For groups of 10 passengers or more who are travelling with bicycles, please contact us in advance as alternate arrangements may be required. (Additional fees may apply). Email:


Handlebars must be fixed sideways and the tires deflated. Must be placed in a solid bag or box, or other suitable travel case. Plastic bags are available for purchase at Canadian check-in counters. A fee of CAD $50 each way will be payable at check-in.

CANJET - Canada

Bicycles will be charged $30.00 CAD plus applicable taxes (for flights originating in Canada) or $30.00 USD plus applicable taxes (for flights originating in the United States or internationally) per one way segment. In preparation for travel, the handlebars must be turned sideways, the tires deflated and you must remove the pedals. It is strongly recommenced that this article be placed in a bag or box for transportation.

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