Rules & Regulations- Jamaica Reggae Ride

  • Each rider must be at least 18 years of age by the day that we start the Jamaica Reggae ride.

  • Each rider must use a helmet at all times, or he can be asked to remove himself from the ride.

  • Each rider must have international medical insurance and be in good physical health and condition.

  • Each rider’s bike must be in good operating condition.

  • Entry is by pre-registration only. No registrations will be allowed on the day of the Road cycling event.

  • Generally we assess the speeds we need to use at the welcome meeting after we have met all the cyclists and analyze their capabilities. Generally each rider will end up riding in one of the established groups. THe groups just “Happens”. Group “A”: riders may have an average pace 20+mph or higher depending on the participants..
    Group “B” will be pacing at an average speed of 18 mph and Group C at  16mph or less. Each group will led by its own tour leader. Each group will be released about 5 minutes apart of each other, with the slower group departing last . This way if a participant find s he is unable to keep pace with group A, he has the option to slow down and join the second group. WE really do NOT hold anyone back and if we find we have a group or a few VERY VERY strong riders. we will send a PRO with them to give them the challenge they need. If we find we have a group that wants a more leisurely tour, we will accomodate them just the same!

  • Using aero-handlebars could increase the possibility of a mishap, and so during the Jamaica Reggae Ride,
    it is strictly prohibited

  • Family members or friends can follow participants in a car however it must remain behind the official sag bus in the back of group  3.

  • The Jamaica Reggae Ride must be completed within the deadline prepared by the organizers. Any rider lagging
    will be requested to rejoin the group by joining one of the support vehicles.

  • The use of I-Pods ,cell phones etc. whilst riding on The Jamaica Reggae Ride is strictly prohibited.

  • If a rider abandons, that participant is responsible of notifying the staff. The use of our SAG wagons is
    strongly encouraged for these riders.


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