Getting There

There are three international airports in Jamaica: Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay (MBJ), Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston (KIN), and the small Ian Fleming International Airport just outside Ocho Rios. You need to book a flight arriving into MBJ, however if you are coming into the Eastern Caribbean or from the UK on British Airways, Kingston will be your only choice and we will provide transfe


  • Southwest, Spirit, Jetblue,

  • American Airlines, Delta, United

  • Air Canada, Westjet

  • Caribbean Airlines, Cayman Airways, Copa,

  • From Europe: Condor, British Airways (Kin only), Virgin Atlantic

IT is very important to check the airlines policy on bringing a bicycle. For example Jetblue is the only airline that does not allow cardboard boxes. Some airlines have a flat fee for bringing your bike, regardless of dimensions or weight , like Spirit, but more recently the more traditional airlines have removed surcharges for bringing bicycles: Most notably is American airlines: the rate is  the same as for your regular luggage. Policies change  often.Check at the  time of ticketing with your airline of  choice

Other airlines have unrealistic bike box dimensions so you can be stuck paying the oversized bag fee.

Unfortunately though there are some bicycle freight handlers who handle bike shipping, the cost to Jamaica is prohibitive (over $500 one way!) as They need to clear it through customs and it involves a lot of work. Your best option is always to bring your bicycle with you in a bicycle case or to book one of our rental bicycles.

Check our online store for bicycle case options or ask your bike shop for a sturdy mountain bike cardboard box. Most bike shops will break down and package it for you for a small fee.